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Transport and distribution consultancy

Logistics Network Planning

Building transport, inventory and location strategies around your customer service goals for heavy and oversized cargo. Developing a logistics infrastructure that meets your business goals.

Procurement and tendering transport

Strategies to acquire transport service, stowage, port handling, sea freight, escort cars and permit services that meet the needs of production and delivery quality considering prices and payment terms.

Transport Planning Optimization

Identifying the best transport route to market for heavy and oversized cargo that meets cost/service objectives. This considers route optimization, transport service providers and transport management systems.

Transportation and Distribution

Strategies for route planning, vehicle outfitting, securing, stowage, packaging, reverse logistics, and definition of cargo modes (road, air, sea).

Outsourcing to third party logistics providers (3PLs)

We regularly manage tenders and procurement processes for clients to outsource logistics operations to 3PLs. This includes warehousing, transport, port handling, stowage, and road and sea freight.

Coaching and training your staff.

Seminars and in-house trainings based on the latest legislation of heavy and oversized transport. Transfer basic knowledge to your staff, but also conduct complex intermodal project calculations.

CV Bouwe van der Meer (1970)

19 projects from 1995 to 2025 - dowload current CV (pdf) here

19 Logistics Tender Consultant

IKO NV, BE- Antwerpen, Construction material, 130 Mio. EUR

  • Tendering & restructuring transport Belgium, France and UK

18 Logistics Consultant

DMG Mori - Bielefeld, CNC Tools, 3.2 Billion EUR

  • Restructuring procurement of logistics, total spend 100 Mio.
  • Procurement of casting from China CIF to Ex-Works
  • Tender worldwide sea freight
  • Tender CEP (Couriers, Express, Parcel)
    • Designed and utilized own SQL database to price and compare worldwide shipments
  • Tender road transport Europe
  • Tender packaging & stowage costs

17 Logistics Consultant                                  

Royal Haskoning, NL-Nijmegen, Consultancy and Engineering, 7000 FTE, 400 Mio. EUR

  • Logistics Benchmark Djibouti and Ethiopia
  • Defined with local contacts all logistic main flows, carriers, harbours & rates

16 Logistics Tender Consultant          

IKO Insulations BV, NL- Klundert, Construction material, 130 Mio. EUR

  • Analyse logistic processes both internal (warehouse) and external (outbound transport)
  • Integrate the logistic of 2 companies on site Klundert
  • Restructuring all European transports including contracts & SLA
  • Tender Benelux and Germany

15 Consultant Procurement and Logistics        

Enercon Gmbh, DE-Bremen/Aurich, Wind turbines Producer, 5 billion. EUR, 20.000 FTE

  • Restructuring procurement of logistics
  • Developed supply chain improvements
  • Management of all purchasing activities, coaching the team members and support buyers
  • Identification and implementation of cost reduction potential (separated standard transports and bundled them)
  • Full benchmark of all European heavy transport on carriers, vehicle types and rates
  • Developed new price calculation tools for heavy transport and large cranes
  • Prepare and negotiate high risks contracts with management
  • Defining, executing and negotiating 15 large international transport tenders
  • Worked on international projects (procurement logistics and cranes) like wind parks in Canada & Kazakhstan

14 Transport and contracts expert         

Royal Haskoning, NL-Nijmegen, Consultancy and Engineering, 7000 FTE, 400 Mio. EUR

  • Logistic engineering supply chain large and complicated mining project in Africa
  • Develop tender strategy and sourcing documents for transport, and handling 2.000.000 tons annually
  • Investigation and defining truck types, route and tracks in Africa
  • Difficulty level: high. No shipment data, poor documentation, contract previous consultancy prematurely terminated

13 Consultant Procurement and Logistics      

Gräper Gmbh, DE-Ahlhorn, Concrete Transformation Houses producer, 100 Mio. EUR, 700 FTE

  • Restructuring procurement of  transport and cranes Europe
  • Defining new standard transport contract and SLA with logistic suppliers
  • Prepare and negotiate big projects and contracts with carriers (UK, Germany)
  • Organizing tender heavy transport and deployment cranes Europe

12 Interim Category Lead Buyer                      

Avebe Potato Starch, NL-Veendam, 1300 FTE, 650 Mio. EUR

  • Restructuring of procurement and organization of transport and warehousing worldwide
    • Potatoes to factories
    • Transport and storage of potato starch in bulk, big bags and pallets
    • Procurement of external warehouses and silo parks
  • Issue and negotiated 5 worldwide transport tenders
  • Legal problems with suppliers solved using lawyers and attorneys
  • Development and implementation of new purchasing strategy and multi-year procurement plan
  • Advised senior management in logistics / transportation on liability and litigation

11 Interim Manager  Sales and Logistics          

Studio 100 Media, DE-München, Media Producer, 1000 FTE, 170 Mio. EUR

  • Short term replacement of 2 Key staff members, Head of Merchandising and Supply Chain Manager
  • Planning, buying and replenishment of 500 SKU in China and Europe
  • Negotiating and buying displays from cardboard factories
  • Daily management and training employees department sales and logistics (3 FTE)
  • Optimize customer contracts, Supply Chain and SLA of with logistics service providers
  • Research and development of new logistics model Europe (from 4 warehouses to 2)
  • Optimization of Microsoft Dynamics AX (ERP) and creation of new reports (Crystal Reports)

10 Interim Logistics Manager                            

Laundry service de Blinde, NL-Heerenveen, Healthcare, 200 FTE, 15 Mio. EUR

  • Restructuring fleet management
  • Optimization of the material flow of clean and dirty bed sheets linen, textiles and clothing
  • Buying and selling trucks, fleet analysis, insurance and contacts with Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Supplier management and auditing, maintenance and repair of vehicles
  • Interim category buyer for Fuel, Trucks and Personal
  • Tenders, RFQ prepared and completed for road transport, labour and maintenance

9 Interim Business Development Manager       

Gutmann Heavy Logistics AG, CH-Zug, Heavy Transport Logistics, 100 FTE, 35 Mio. EUR

  • Acquisition project cargo in Europe through cold calling, internet, emails, newsletters and presentations
  • Branches: wind energy, power plant construction, steel mills, oil and gas and top 100 companies Germany
  • Buying and organization transport, cranes, special equipment for projects in Europe

8 Interim logistics Manager                            

Rentex Floron BV, NL-Bolsward, Healthcare, 350 FTE, 33 Mio. EUR

  • Improved efficiency planning trucks
  • Decreased number of trucks from 34 to 24, sold old leftover trucks through internet auction
  • Optimization of the material flow of clean and dirty bed sheets  linen, textiles and clothing
  • Interim Buyer for IT Systems, Fuel, Trucks and Personal
  • Tenders, RFQ prepared and negotiated for road transport, labour and maintenance

7 Manager new business                                

Holtrop van der Vlist BV, NL-Assen, Heavy Transport and Machinery, 100 FTE, 18 Mio. EUR

  • Acquisition of new customers earthmoving industry, heavy equipment in Europe
  • Define sales strategy and implement into sales plan, defining prices and issuing on tenders
  • Management Prospects (cold calling, newsletters, visiting) and customers
  • Responsible for accounts receivable management and contact person for major accounts and IT
  • Development of own CRM Database and introduced GPS System

6 Interim Commercial Director                         

Oenema Transport, Taxi / ambulance, NL-Heerenveen, Logistics, 200 FTE, 20 Mio. EUR

  • Developed long term strategy “conditioned, furniture and automotive logistics”
  • Responsible for the staff, Transport Department 70 drivers and 5 office co-workers
  • Restructuring transportation department
  • Purchase / Buying of capital equipment such as trucks, forklift, fuel and temporary workers
  • Negotiate tariffs with subcontractors and other transport companies
  • Set up new commercial departments:
    • Automotive inbound logistics
    • Food and conditioned transport for Albert Heijn
    • Furniture transport from Germany to Holland
  • Participated 4 European public tenders passenger transport, won three out of four
  • Conducting litigation and contact person for banks, taxes, customers and suppliers

5 Consultant procurement & logistics               

MBI Concrete Products, NL-Kampen, Concrete Production, 200 FTE, 35 Mio. EUR

  • Optimizing flows of goods, storage of raw materials and finished goods
  • Tender and RFQ written for outbound transport finished goods

4 Interim Transport Manager                                 

Holcim Concrete Products, NL-Rotterdam, Concrete Production, 200 FTE, 30 Mio. EUR

  • Planning, preparation and organization of transportation of building materials (Daily up to 80 trucks)
  • Contact person for drivers, customers, freight forwarders and production staff
  • Tender (RFQ) written for outbound transport finished goods

3 Interim Director                                                  

Concrete Production Kijlstra, NL-Veendam, Concrete Production, 35 FTE, 20 Mio. EUR

  • Heading team of 35 FTE, production, buying, sales, marketing and  administration
  • Buying all equipment like forklift trucks, wheel loaders, raw materials like sand cement and minerals
  • Master production planning in SAP R3 and liaise plans with headquarters
  • Solved production problems (interruptions) and prepared expansion of production to 200% in 2007
  • Determine new marketing strategy (dealers and end customers) and define selling prices
  • Turnaround marketing: create new product range called "Colors of the Earth" which is still their main brand today

2 Managing Director                                             

Van der Werff Logistics BV, NL-Heerenveen, Transport and Logistics, 100 FTE, 12 Mio. EUR

  • Developed long term strategy “Logistics of construction materials Europe”
  • Responsible for the staff, Transport Department 75 drivers and 10 office co-workers
  • Close and reorganize office Harderwijk (25 FTE)
  • Purchase / Buying of capital equipment such as trucks, forklift, fuel and temporary workers
  • Acquisition and integration Hamstra Transport (30 FTE)
  • Growth of 3M € to 10M € in 5 years and 35 to 80 trucks in 5 years (through E-Marketing and direct sales)
  • Development of warehouse operations, organize and build warehouse
  • Handled tenders in transportation and conducting litigation
  • Purchase and implementation TMS Plan and Go! and Transics Boardcomputers

1 Supply Chain Manager                                     

Xerox Distribution Europe BV, NL- Heerenveen, Electronic, 200 FTE, 200 Mio. EUR

  • Teamleader department planning, purchasing colorprinters Europe (15 FTE)
  • Demand Planning, Purchasing 3,000 articles in Mfg/Pro and Oracle, 20 M € stock level
  • Organising inbound container shipments from USA, China, Korea to Europe
  • Organising outbound worldwide shipments, pallets, parcels, and full trucks and air cargo
  • Planning production department of configuring printers to sales orders (also managing BOM’s)
  • Responsible for shipments to customers in Europe, damages and organizing quarterly endings
  • Organized the complete removal Heerenveen to Venray (6.000 pallets)
  • Implementation of QAD MFG / PRO and Oracle in Heerenveen and Venray (superuser level)

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