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1.0 Indivisible cargo
2.0 Permits Germany
3.0 Permits Europe
4.0 Truck technology
5.0 Securing & lashing
6.0 Cranes & heavy lifting
6.1 Industrial movement
7.0 Breakbulk in seafreight
7.1 Porthandling seafreight
7.2 Breakbulk on containervessels
7.3 Inland barging
7.4 Seafreight calculation
7.5 Breakbulk on Roro vessels
8.0 Incoterms and liability
8.1 Contracts & risks
8.2 Transport law & conditions
8.3 Negotiating & tenders
9.0 Masterclass breakbulk
9.1 Project calculations

1.0 Indivisible cargo

Law and permits heavy transport Germany

  • What are heavy and oversized transports?
  • Where do we find heavy and OOG transports?
  • Glossary heavy transport
  • The concept of indivisible cargo
  • Examples heavy transports different branches
  • Freight forwarder versus carrier, 1PL to 4PL
  • Multimodal heavy transport solutions
  • Driving and resting times

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